We can heal and empower—for ourselves and the world we touch.

Are you feeling stuck? Do you need support to create the changes you seek?

My approach is rooted in the understanding that your system knows what it needs. As a healing and empowerment facilitator, I draw on my training in empowerment coaching and Somatic Experiencing as well as my intuitive sense. I guide you to connect with the sensations of your body and your inner wisdom so you can find your own answers, restore your sense of wholeness and flow, and live the life you’re longing to live.

What are people saying?

“I have experienced a general lightening of spirit as my cravings for perfection begin to wane… I am now changing my expectations about what I think I should be doing and focusing more on what feels good and right to be doing.” — Anna P.

“Emma has a great gift for reflecting your own truth that is hard to see clearly on your own.” — Pete W.

“Emma’s external viewpoint helped me identify blind spots, patterns, and potential solutions that I was overlooking… Having someone who listens without judgement can be invaluable.” — Sandy P.

“Emma’s unique blend of somatic techniques, excellent listening, and accountability exercises have moved my life and art goals forward profoundly.” — Brooks F.

“Throughout our sessions, I began to see I was in much more control of changing my life and self than I had previously realized. Within a month, I began to improve some of the most emotionally draining aspects of my life.” — Teahelahn K.

“Emma didn’t merely provide answers; she helped me develop an ability to answer these kinds of questions on my own.” — Jack Z.

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