Learn to know your inner voice.

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We can only connect with others as deeply as we can connect with ourselves. Cultivate your connection with yourself so you can embody your authenticity, live meaningfully, and connect deeply with others and the world.

Emma has a great gift for reflecting your own truth that is hard to see clearly on your own.”

~Pete W., Landscape Designer; Songweaver and Instrumentalist

“Emma’s intuitive questions guide me to explore within, arriving at insights that have crumbled barriers and shown a light on the path.”

~Jamie R., Small Business Owner, Artist & Writer

“Emma’s thought-provoking approach leaves you wondering ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?'”

~John N., Craftsman

“This time together has left me feeling empowered to listen and accept myself, as well as grow in all the ways I’ve dreamed of.”

~Teahelahn K., Education Counselor

My Guidance & Approach

We will explore where you are, where you want to be, and what’s holding you back. Allow me to ask you questions with the power to inspire personal transformation.

I will guide you to identify and tune into your intuitive knowing—your soul winds—so you can discover your own answers. With the guidance of your inner voice of wisdom and my support, you will unravel limiting beliefs, reframe your self-talk, and create more joy, purpose, and belonging in your life.

My story continues to teach me that feeling worthy, living meaningfully, and connecting deeply are not static destinations. They happen by creating a regular practice of noticing, learning, nurturing, and shifting. And this process is what we will work on cultivating together.

Empowerment Starts Within and Emanates Outward

The increasing division and disconnection in our world are stifling empathy and breeding impatience with others and ourselves. In a corner of our hearts, many of us feel helpless, small and unworthy. We may compensate by judging, blaming and shaming others. Or we might internalize the judgment: barraging ourselves for not doing or being enough. Falling into these patterns only isolates us more.

But we can be part of writing a new story—for ourselves and the world we touch.

I believe that if we feel worthy, live meaningfully, and connect deeply, we help mitigate the division and disconnection plaguing society. When we tune into our intuitive voice and listen to our gut, we give less weight to external voices and pressures. We build trust in our own abilities, make decisions that feel good, and relate to others more authentically.

Because empowerment starts within and emanates outward, we help transform our culture as we transform ourselves.

Let’s “build in us what we want to see built in the world.” (Sonya Renee Taylor)

The Origin of “Soul Winds”

One day, on a walk, the winds were strong and trying to alter my stride. I wished they would settle so I could enjoy my walk and continue in a straight line. Pushing against the strength of the wind, I realized I couldn’t sustain the pressure for long. I wondered, “What if I put down my armor and listen?” I suddenly saw the wind as a metaphor for our intuitive wisdom.

Many of us have been pressured to question and ignore this inner voice, that if we give into our passions and insights, we’re selfish, we’ll be led astray, or maybe even banished. We hope that if we resist, we’ll fit in.

But what would happen if we listened to our ‘soul winds’—our inner truth?

What if doing so lead to deeper connections, purpose, and joy?

It takes courage and ongoing work, but it is worth the growing pains. Once you experience a newfound sense of worthiness and freedom, you won’t know how you lived otherwise!

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