Accountability Group

Could you use support to get that thing done? You know, that thing you’ve been meaning to make happen?

It could be changing jobs, doing a creative project you’ve been itching to do, just getting your taxes done, or even making time for restful downtime.

It can be challenging to make things happen on your own or without a deadline. Or sometimes you get momentum but end up hitting a wall. And then what?

This weekly meeting will support you by

  • Giving you space to vocalize what you want to make happen and where you’re getting stuck,
  • Offering open-ended questions and writing prompts that can inspire reflection and help you get clear and concrete,
  • Guiding you into your body (physical sensation), which can offer feedback and insight into what path feels good and what doesn’t,
  • Encouraging you to articulate steps you want to follow through on each week,
  • Hearing from others, learning from their process, and being in community,
  • And, of course, accountability.

Each meeting, we will check in and I will feel out the pulse of the group as to what might be most helpful during that meeting. If people are feeling stuck or resistant, I may offer a writing activity or a simple embodiment exercise to inspire a shift. If folks are feeling like they have momentum, I’ll support the continuation of that energy.

Together, we’ll work towards making things happen!

I want to add a note about productivity. In a society that pushes us to be as productive as possible, the effort to make things happen can feel exhausting and unsustainable. But I pose the question: what does productivity look like and feel like when the motivation comes from within?


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