Working together one-on-one, I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We will explore where you are, where you want to be, and what’s holding you back.

If you’re…

~ Feeling stuck or disconnected, like you’re going through the motions day in and day out,

~ Wanting more energy, vitality, and life balance,

~ Struggling with pleasing and taking care of others versus yourself,

~ Wanting to find your voice, speak up for yourself, and express your authenticity more,

~ Feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty and don’t know what to do,

~ Wanting change because you’re in an unfulfilling job, relationship, or lifestyle,

~ Wanting to experience more joy, connection, and purpose in your life,

~ Needing support making a desired change or vision happen,

… you will benefit immensely from empowerment coaching!!

My Approach

My approach is to create space for you to explore your own needs and desires, challenges and limitations, intentions and milestones. I offer a calm presence, an attentive ear, intuitive questions, and insightful reflections. I do not tell you how to live your life or what you should or shouldn’t do. I’m here to guide you to find your own answers and support you on your journey of empowerment.

Together, we will…

~ Strengthen your ability to know your intuitive voice so you can make decisions that feel good and align with who you.

~ Identify your deepest yearnings and create a compelling vision for your future.

~ Move through underlying fears, beliefs, and assumptions that hold you back.

~ Reframe negative self-talk and explore ways to approach yourself with compassion.

~ Determine intentions and milestones that nurture your vision and help you move forward.

Doing this work for yourself echoes out. We can improve our relationships and heal our culture by starting with ourselves. Are you ready?

We start with a 4-session package to honor the process of doing and integrating this work. After those 4 sessions, we can discuss how to move forward together.

The investment is $95/session. I do offer a sliding scale though so please reach out to discuss.

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Emma Schurink

Searsmont, ME

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