One-On-One Sessions

If you’re feeling stuck and want to create forward movement in your life, you’re in the right place! I draw on my training in empowerment coaching and Somatic Experiencing™ as well as my intuitive sense to support you in leading an embodied life of flow, connection, and purpose.

Empowerment Coaching

My coaching approach creates space for you to explore the change you seek, where you’re getting stuck, and how you could start to create movement in your life. I offer an attentive ear and intuitive open-ended questions. I reflect back to you themes I’m picking up on, like where there might be a disconnect or when you might have your own answer already but aren’t fully aware of it.

I guide you to connect with the language of your inner wisdom: bodily sensations. For example, we explore what an intuitive “yes” feels like in your body. What does an intuitive “no” feel like? This awareness helps you find your own answers and make decisions that resonate in your body and spirit rather than conform to social norms, societal expectations, or the opinions of others.

I do not tell you how to live your life or what you should or shouldn’t do. In fact, this work is about lifting cultural burdens and breaking out of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” that prevent you from connecting with your inner wisdom and authentic self.

Through our work together, you will:
~ Strengthen your ability to know your intuitive voice so you can make decisions that feel good and align with who you are.
~ Create a compelling vision of how you want to live and where you see yourself going.
~ Move through underlying fears, beliefs, and assumptions that hold you back.
~ Identify and follow through with intentions and goals that nurture your vision and help you move forward.

Somatic Experiencing™

Somatic Experiencing™ (SE™) is an empowering, naturalistic approach to self-regulating the nervous system and restoring its capacity for resiliency and flow. This non-pathologizing approach can effectively heal chronic stress and trauma as well as offer a profound approach to processing current overwhelm or a deeply rooted sense of being stuck.

In a session, we begin with establishing relative safety and settling, focusing on anything that brings a sense of ease. From there, I guide you to explore your bodily sensations and expand your awareness of your internal landscape. In a society that emphasizes rational thinking, we tend to tune out or be unaware of sensations unless something intense is happening like we’re short of breath or our knee is throbbing. By bringing your awareness to your body in the present moment, noticing and tracking sensations, you can allow your system to gently and slowly release bound up energy from the past. 

SE™ aims to help us access our body memory of the event, rather than the story. It is not necessary to know or tell the details of what happened, although sharing an overview or moments of the story can be helpful. Our “objective is to diffuse the power of the narrative and remap the body memory to regain aliveness and flow.” (

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Somatic Experiencing™ and what a session entails.

Getting Started

We start with a 15-20 minute call (at no cost) to get a sense of whether we are a good fit for each other. Depending on where you’re feeling stuck, we’ll discuss whether empowerment coaching, Somatic Experiencing™  or a blend of the two would be best for supporting you.

If we decide to work together, you choose whether you’d like to begin with a 4, 6 or 8 session package to honor the process of doing and integrating this work. After the first set of sessions, we can discuss how to move forward together. The investment is $95/session. (I do offer a sliding scale if needed, so please reach out to discuss). I offer in-person sessions in Searsmont, Maine or virtual sessions via Zoom.

When we empower ourselves, it emanates outward. We can deepen our relationships and heal our culture by starting with ourselves.

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