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Do you ever zone out and go through the motions or find yourself engaging in habitual behaviors? We all do it in one way or another, and I’m curious to play with these moments. To offer people an invitation in the form of a bumper sticker. Bumper stickers tend to be statements, jokes, slogans, or advertisements, often trying to tell us what to think or believe, or who to support.

Whether you’ve seen a certain sticker before or not, it tends to have an impact, sometimes conscious, sometimes not.

So I had this idea to print stickers with open-ended questions that have the power to spark reflection. Whether someone is commuting home, running errands, finding oneself in a moment of mindless routine, or maybe even on an adventure, they may come across a sticker and get curious. Maybe right then and there they’ll start pondering the question, or maybe it will plant a seed for later.

I want these questions to invite people to wake up a curiosity within. Will you help me get these stickers out there?

Bumper Stickers:

Dimensions 11in x 3in
Price: $5.50 + sales tax
Shipping is free!

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