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I came to Emma confused about everything. Where was my career headed? Why am I not enjoying where I live? How do I get out of this rut?

And I’m so glad I did! Emma didn’t merely provide answers; she helped me develop an ability to answer these kinds of questions on my own. To listen to my own intuition and begin to understand what I truly need and want for myself.

Outside pressures from family, friends, or society? Now I know what to do when I face them: listen to that quiet inner voice that I know is capable of leading the way.

Thank you Emma for helping me get better at listening to myself and make the changes I know deep inside are necessary.

Jack Z, New York

Emma is a powerful intuitive beyond her linear years. She is wise, from a maturity that she has carried since birth. She has a gift of understanding others as she does herself. Emma has guided me, at 55 and with a 35-year career in myriad industries and spaces, with such ease and insight. Her quiet power is wonderfully surprising and incredibly effective. I encourage you to dig deep into your soul with Emma, and gently rise to the surface with new purpose and meaning. Learn to hear your own inner voice above external ones, to share and bring the healing and goodness we need and want for a greater world.

Lisa W., Colorado

Leadership Innovation Strategist in the non-profit, government, entrepreneurship, and higher education spaces

I worked with Emma individually and in a workshop during a large turning point and transition in my life. From just a couple sessions I gained clarity on what I truly wanted in my next steps. Emma provided exercises that were unique and allowed me to tap into and listen to my inner knowing. After sessions with Emma, I had more confidence to follow my heart in quitting my day job and creating my own business. I look forward to taking more workshops with Emma in the future to continue to remember and listen. I highly recommend all of Emmas offerings no matter where you are in life. It is clearly evident in all that Emma does that she has a gift and a passion for helping others listen to their inner voice.

Kendra M., Colorado


I’ve been a frustrated musician for years, and never quite felt like I was living the life I envisioned for myself. This caused a lot of impulsive decisions and emotional discomfort for me and others in my life. Emma helped me turn everything around, specifically when she reflected something I had said back to me… that I’m already living my dream life. Emma helped me settle into the life I was already living. Since then, I’ve experienced much greater ease in stepping into more of who I want to be. I’m uncovering exciting and viable opportunities to turn my music career into a real vocation that supports my ability to keep creating. Emma has a great gift for reflecting your own truth that is hard to see clearly on your own.

Pete W., Minnesota

Edible + Native Landscape Designer; Songweaver, Vocal Projector, and Multi-instrumentalist

Working with Emma helped me look at myself holistically. In my lifelong and ever-changing journey to become my best self and achieve my dreams, she helped me see how far I had come and where I still wanted to go. Emma created a safe space for me to explore my state of being thoroughly. She encouraged me to face the unsatisfying parts of my life head on and imagine how I wanted things to be. Throughout our sessions, I began to see I was in much more control of changing my life and self than I had previously realized. Emma helped me set goals and within a month, I began to improve some of the most emotionally draining aspects of my life. While working with Emma, my confidence at work grew, I felt more secure in my relationships, I became more assertive, and for the first time in my life, I felt the courage to explore my spirituality. This time together has left me feeling empowered to listen and accept myself, as well as grow in all the ways I’ve dreamed of. If you feel stuck, unsatisfied, or have dreams left untouched, I cannot recommend working with Emma enough. Her energy grounds and soothes one’s fears; even a simple conversation with her can lead to important revelations within the self. I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to work with her.

Teahelahn K., Wisconsin

Educational Counselor

I love Emma’s workshops. I always come away inspired with newfound clarity about myself, and new insights into what I can do day-to-day to create the life I want. Emma creates an environment that seems gentle and supportive — but, at the same time, is deceptively powerful.

Karen S., New York

Great listeners are rare. Emma Schurink is one of them. My negative ‘head noise’ can be loud and persistent. Emma’s calm, steady demeanor has helped me diminish the volume of these noises as I learn to trust my decision-making ability. Her dual strengths of listening and offering perspective help guide me toward a deeper understanding of my own motivations.

Emma’s unique blend of somatic techniques, excellent listening, and accountability exercises have moved my life and art goals forward profoundly. I am making healthier life and career decisions that are more consistent with my values. 

Brooks F., New York

Before working with Emma, I worried way too much about what other people thought of me and I behaved in inauthentic ways to fit in. Because of my sessions with Emma, I have been working on self-acceptance and developing a belief that I am “enough” and knowing my husband, children, home, and career are “enough” too. I have experienced a general lightening of spirit as my cravings for perfection begin to wane. I have loosened up dramatically at work and am thoroughly enjoying developing relationships with my coworkers.

I also haven’t been making time for fun, creativity, or exploration in my life, mostly since having kids. Working with Emma helped me realize these things really nourish me and keep me feeling positive. I’m trying to work more openness and fun into my schedule these days.

I am now changing my expectations about what I think I should be doing and focusing more on what feels good and right to be doing (“thrive, don’t strive”). Not always trying to push and force things into place in my life has increased my daily happiness and decreased my stress.

I really appreciate Emma’s warmth, acceptance, and accessibility. Talking to her felt like chatting with a well-informed friend. I liked how, rather than giving me answers, she asked guiding questions that led me to my own answers. Emma was willing to share a few of her own imperfections and struggles to help me normalize and accept my own. She also shared some books by Brené Brown which have become a great resource for me!

Anna P., Maine


Emma guides you to the path of your spiritual journey, inspiring you to take the first step.

Phoebe R., Maine

Songwriter, Musician, and Filmaker

Sessions with Emma are a time for me to breathe and reflect. So far, I have faced my fears of accomplishment and overcome blocks such as procrastination. I am coming into a deeper awareness of peace and how to maintain it. I find Emma’s calmness very grounding and her understanding is a compassionate offering, which helps me to feel comfortable sharing. Her intuitive questions guide me to explore within, arriving at insights that have crumbled barriers and shown a light on the path.

Jamie R., Rhode Island

Small Business Owner, Artist & Writer

Emma’s gentle thought-provoking approach leaves you wondering ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’

She has a very relaxing way in which she approaches a session and her intuitive nature is quite remarkable. Her questions that she offers during workshops lead you down a path of deep inner reflection and self enlightenment, which have lead to a wonderful healing of mind and spirit.” Her ability to draw you into yourself is astounding and the guidance she offers is what you allow.

After working with Emma, I feel free of chains that used to bind me. I’m more open to the world around me and I’ve cast off my old negative mindset. I’m open to others, new experiences and adventures.

John N., Maine

Craftsman + Woodworker

Working with Emma gave me an answers to mind blocks that I have had for years now. I left each time feeling more insightful, calm, and felt such an ease inside my body. She encourages you to dive deep into your thoughts and feelings and connect the two in a way that you feel more grounded. Since taking her workshop I feel so empowered with every day decisions, knowing that my intuition is all I need to guide me towards my wildest dreams. I highly recommend taking workshops with her.

Erynn H., Maine

Dancer + Maker

Often we know what we want out of life, but those desires can easily fall to our subconscious and become an after thought. Emma’s workshops have been really helping me redirect my focus to what I seek in life. They remind me to prioritize by setting realistic goals and benchmarks to manifest those desires. Her gentle energy also serves as a reminder that when we don’t meet those goals, it’s not necessarily a failure. Rather, she prompts you to redirect your attention and efforts and try again.

Jennie N., Maine


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