Embodied Self-Awareness & Nervous System Support

Saturday, March 23rd from 11:00-1:00 pm


New date: Saturday, April 6th from 4-6pm

Location: Ananda Yoga and Wellness Studio, 118 High Street, Belfast, Maine.

Investment: $65

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Many people today are operating in a constant state of stress, feeling disconnected and unsure how to help themselves. In a culture that over-emphasizes rational thinking, it can be hard to sense into our bodies for guidance. Our bodies hold immense wisdom though.

To be embodied helps us self-regulate our nervous system, experience a fuller sense of aliveness and gives us an opportunity to tap into our inner knowing.

Join Emma and Christina for an intimate workshop to deepen your connection with yourself—your body and nervous system—so you can live more of an embodied life.

In this workshop, we will guide you to gently become aware of physical sensation—the language of the nervous system—and invite you to feel and notice how sensations form and change in the present moment. We will offer practices to support your connection with your body and nervous system, including the nourishing practice of body oiling. You will walk away with deeper self-awareness, a body-oriented vocabulary, and tools to self-regulate your nervous system and support your embodiment practice.

While somatic practices, like the ones we’ll do in this workshop, are integral to healing trauma, this workshop is not intended to address or heal trauma. If you know you have significant unresolved trauma or are afraid to connect with your body, consider reaching out to Emma to determine if it’s a good fit or if you’re interested in one-on-one Somatic Experiencing™ sessions to resolve your trauma symptoms.

Collaborator Christina Andersen is an herbalist and owner of Gardens of Asgard, offering healing through medicinal, nontoxic, forest-to-face products that connect people with their bodies and our earth. She makes these herbal remedies in the traditions of her Nordic ancestors and uses organic growing practices to heal the land and transform the once clear-cut woodlot back into a botanical sanctuary. Visit her website at



Cultivate energy, inspiration, and balance in your life

“Emma creates an environment that seems gentle and supportive—but, at the same time, is deceptively powerful.” ~ Karen S.

“Working with Emma gave me answers to mind blocks that I have had for years now. I left each time feeling more insightful, calm, and felt such an ease inside my body.” ~ Erynn H.

“Thank you Emma for helping me get better at listening to myself and making the changes I know deep inside are necessary.” ~ Jack Z.

We are like fire: without tending to our personal needs, we burn out or sometimes, unintentionally, cause harm to ourselves and/or others.

This workshop could be for you if you’re feeling overcommitted, overwhelmed, low energy, lack of patience, uninspired, reactive, disconnected, stuck, or any other sign that your inner spark hasn’t been tended to recently or regularly.

In a culture that promotes overworking and pleasing others, it’s hard to allow permission to tend to ourselves. When we give beyond our capacity, we easily feel stressed, exhausted, and creatively or spiritually drained. But when we tend to our inner fire, we feel energized and inspired. We expand our capacity, and we are able to nourish healthier, more connective relationships with others and the world around us.

Through prompts, exercises, and dialogue we will:
1. Tune into our intuition—which speaks through physical sensation—for clarity around what feels nourishing and what doesn’t
2. Clarify our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs
3. Identify what beliefs and obstacles are preventing us from tending to our needs
4. Brainstorm practices that feel nourishing and identify ways to protect our well-being.

I will offer guidance throughout and encourage you to dig deep, get concrete, and help you find your own answers.

Create A Life You’re Excited to Wake Up To

Art by Emma Harrison, Insta: @emmharr
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
~ Mary Oliver

It’s not often we’re asked questions like, what are you longing to experience in your life? What could you do to inspire purpose, belonging, and joy in your life?

In the first part of this two-part workshop, we’ll explore questions like these. Through guided visualizations, exercises, writing prompts, and dialogue, you will tune into your intuitive voice and explore how you want to spend your time and energy in this next phase of your “one wild and precious life.” You’ll articulate self-identified steps and goals to begin making your vision a reality.

During the second session of the workshop, we will check in about any milestones you’ve reached—big or small—and what continues to block you. I will offer my guidance throughout the two-part workshop and encourage you to dig deep, get concrete, and help you find your own answers.

When you’re living a life you’re excited to wake up to, you have more energy, patience, and love to give. Tending to yourself is a gift to you as well as your community and the world.


Dreaming, Realizing, & Tending A Creative Life

Drawing by Emma Schurink


Emma Schurink

Emma Schurink (she/her) is an empowerment coach, visual artist, and passionate organizer of projects and events that foster personal growth and thoughtful community. She has a curious approach to life and inspires others to honor their inner truths. She is drawn to the wild and creative energy in each of us and is a strong believer that empowerment starts within and echoes out into our relationships, communities, and beyond.

Madeline Fendrick

Madeline Fendrick (she/her) is a multimedia storyteller who believes listening and creating are two of the most powerful ways to love. She is a mom, partner, writer, poet, musician (Fendrick & Peck), performer, and visual artist who lives in a small town ribboned through by the Spirit River in Minnesota…a fitting metaphor, as she believes spirit meanders through everything.

Join Madeline and Emma in one of the most radical forms of love: the courageous embodiment of the creative life. With wisdom gleaned from the story of the Star Gazer, “unblocking experts,” and our creative journeys, we will inspire deep understanding of your own stories around creativity, guide you to move through limiting beliefs, and support you in tending to a creative project that you’ve been longing to show up for.

We will follow the trail of the Star Gazer as he solves the mystery of twelve pairs of worn out slippers and in doing so, becomes more than anyone believed possible. The story of the Star Gazer carries the following themes, as well as more insights, for our creative selves:

    • The False Stories We are Told – breaking the enchantments cast by others
    • The Lady in the Dream – receiving what you already have within you
    • Courting Creativity – learning the steps to the dance
    • Surrendering to Trust – keeping steady as you travel the uncertain path

Let’s change the narrative by dreaming our way back into our collective and personal stories. Too often, we are told to stop giving our attention to the stars and come back to reality, but the stars are shimmering whether we acknowledge them or not. That wonder filled gaze may not be as naive as it seems. We might have more resources than we think we do, both around us and within us.

Our world is calling on us to dream big, dream from our hearts, and create from within. For two months, we will give ourselves and each other the space to dream and the affirmation needed so that we don’t stop at the dream state but create from that place of deep knowing. Common threads and new insights emerge when creatives and stories gather. Will you come with us?

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Emma Schurink

Searsmont, ME

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